The six prizes of the French Academy awarded to Daniel-Lesueur

  • Montyon Award For the novel Le Mariage de Gabrielle and the poetry collection Fleurs d’avril (official delivery on Nov. 15, 1883)
  • Poetry Price for her poem Sursum Corda ! (official delivery on Nov. 26, 1885)
  • Archon-Despérouses Award for the second volume of poetry Rêves et Visions (Dreams and Visions) (official delivery on Nov. 15, 1890)
  • Langlois Award for the 2 two volumes of the translation Complete Works of lord Byron (official delivery on Nov. 16, 1893)
  • De Jouy Price for her novel Comédienne (official delivery on Nov. 23, 1899)
  • Vitet price for all of her literary work (official delivery on Nov. 23, 1905)



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