The philanthropic work of a woman of action and heart

Le denier des veuves

While she was vice-president of the SGDL (First elected woman…), she will be sensitive to the suffering of needy widows of men of letters and will propose that the Society provided for it.
Under his leadership and with the assistance of the office, Le denier des veuves was created in 1913: she will assume the effective presidency from the beginning until her death and will ensure by her action to allow the Work to live without the financial aid of the society. Mrs. Raymond Poincaré was Honorary President.
She will receive from the hands of Georges Lecomte, president of the SGDL, the medal of honor of the Society (1919).
The work will receive the Buisson prize of the French Academy (official discount December 7, 1922).

L’aide aux femmes des combattants (AFC)

From the beginning of the war, she founded (with a hundred friends among which owners and managers of 4 Parisian hotels: The Ledoyen Pavilion, the Hotel Meurice, the Hotel Edouard VII and the Grand Hotel) a work, L’aide aux femmes des combattants (aid to the women of the combatants) which she will preside throughout the conflict, a work intended primarily to rescue the wives of soldiers on the front lines, parents and children, and was soon open to French and Belgian refugees from the invaded areas by the enemy. A workstation and a medical and surgical antenna completed the device.
Daniel-Lesueur will hand over the Knight’s Cross of the Legion of Honor to Dr. Casseus, head of AFC’s medical and surgical wing (May 5, 1920).
She will receive the Medal of the French Recognition in 1920, and the Medal of Queen Elizabeth of Belgium (1920).
the quotation corresponding to the French Recognition Medal is taken up by most dailies.

La croisade des femmes françaises

In March 1915, she took part in the creation of La croisade des femmes françaises (the croisade of French women), of which she will be secretary (Juliette Adam being president), and will assume the presidency from the following year until the end of the conflict.

un foyer de soldats sur le front

Despite her various occupations, she took the time, in June 1918, to create with Mary Mather un foyer de soldats sur le front (a home of soldiers on the front, Franco-American work) and to live near the front, giving English lessons, distributing books, games, writing materials, etc..

Mary Mather will receive the French war cross.

  • See at Gallica the article of Le Gaulois, January 16, 1919 (p.2, column 6 Patriotisme et charité – Patriotism and Charity) which presents the quote



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